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Video Contact Sheet *NIX 1.13.4, publised on

Image of Video Contact Sheet *NIX 1.13.4
Video Contact Sheet *NIX creates a contact sheet (preview) from videos by taking still captures distributed over the length of the video. The output image contains useful information on the video such as codecs, file size, screen size, frame rate, and length. It requires MPlayer or FFmpeg and ImageMagick. It is confirmed to work on Linux and FreeBSD, and possibly other POSIX/UNIX systems.

Release Notes: * BUGFIX: Actually use all alternative evasion offsets (Bugfix by Davide Cavestro) [#364] * BUGFIX: Display file sizes correctly when using mawk [#365] * BUGFIX: Number of columns ignored on Bash 5.0 [#373]

Platforms: POSIX // Bash

Project page:


Network Type Indicator 1.6, publised on

Image of Network Type Indicator 1.6
Network Type Indicator is a status bar icon indicator of the type of mobile network in use (i.e. 2G, 2G+, 3G, ...). This app is meant for devices that don't include this information in the status bar by default (e.g. Xperias).

Release Notes: Initial 5G support. Please note that complete detection of 5G variants requires Android 11 or higher. Also, now when running on Android 11 or higher you'll have to grant the “Phone” permission for network type detection to work (this a new requirement of Android itself).

Platforms: Android

Project page:


Relevation 1.3.1, publised on

Image of Relevation 1.3.1
Relevation is a command-line interface to retrieve passwords stored with the Revelation Password Manager. It provides equivalent functionality to the "Find" box as found in Revelation's GUI.

Release Notes: - Switch to Python 3 - Refactor into a package [#235] - Include minimalistic GUI into package

Platforms: POSIX, Windows // Python

Project page:


mp3plot 0.6.0 , publised on

Image of mp3plot 0.6.0
mp3plot creates a plot (textual or graphical) of the bitrate distribution of an MP3 file. It displays which proportion of the audio file uses each of the possible bitrates. The plot can serve, for example, to compare an audio source as encoded by different encoders or settings or to display how the chosen (average) bitrate was achieved by the encoder.

Release Notes: * Features: - Preliminary support for MPEG-2 and Layers I and II, and display of warnings were support is flakey. - Print the length in seconds in the console plot. * Bugfixes: - Fixed detection of sampling rate. Previous versions were incorrect though only for sampling rates other than 44.1kHz - Avoid looping over the file in free-form bitstreams and out-of-specs frequencies. Broken files could produce either error too. - Fixed CRC detection (it was reported reversed) * Other: - Display warnings for more types of files that will probably confuse the program. - Warn of files that might be not really mp3s - MS Windows project Visual C++ project files and configuration script

Platforms: POSIX, Windows

Project page:


nautilus-follow-symlink 1.2.1, publised on

Image of nautilus-follow-symlink 1.2.1
nautilus-follow-symlink is a nautilus extension that adds a context menu entry to nautilus on symbolic links pointing to directories, which once clicked opens the pointed directory (the real path) in a window. It does so both when right clicking on the folder icon or on the contents of an opened symbolic link.

Release Notes: * Updated to build with newer gcc

Platforms: POSIX // Gnome

Project page:


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nautilus-follow-symlink/caja-follow-symlink 1.2.1 released
I've just published an updated nautilus-follow-symlink/caja-follow-symlink. After more than a decade I'm updating this little project as my guinea pig for my conversion of older projects to git. It was no longer compiling with current versions of GCC so that I made a couple changes to get it working again. You can download the updated […]
vcs-creator: A GUI for vcs, by tudo75
This escaped my attention, but a user by the name of tudo75 left a comment mentioning they have created a cool GUI for vcs, in case you want to check it out. I haven't checked it thoroughly but it seems useful. vcs-creator, Small gui for the VCS (Video Contact Sheet *NIX) script:
Relevation 1.3.1 released
A small update to Relevation, to ease usage on contemporary systems it's now running on Python 3. Hopefully I didn't break it since I'm not used to Python 3. No other big changes, just some internal ones. Relevation 1.3.1 or (zip includes PDF and HTML manpage) pre-packaged Debian users can use my […]
VCS 1.13.4 released
Prompted by a couple reports, here's a new bugfix release of VCS. It most importantly fixes an incompatibility with Bash 5.0 which made the script put all the captures in a single row. A couple minor bugs are also fixed, where using mawk would produce some errors and print the wrong file sizes, and the […]
📌 Hiatus (updated in April 2024)
NOTE this post is pinned, it's not the most recent one. Due to real life issues I took a long hiatus starting in September 2019 and extending so far into 2024, during which I'm having very little time to spend on any personal project (though occasionally updating them, and still reachable by email). I'll look […]
VCS 1.13.3 released
The latest version of VCS is available to download. It's been a good while since the last release, but there aren't a lot of changes this time around, apart from the usual bugfixes there's better handling of errors and unsupported files. The most important bug fixed is obviously the one I already previewed some days […]
Quick fix for cropped media info in VCS
Just a quick note for those encountering this bug where the codec information is misaligned and cropped, you can download a pre-release of the next version now. There's a couple more bugfixes and minor changes, and hopefully not much breakage. This issue has been there for months (first pointed out, together with the fix, by […]